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About ACEN e-learning

ACEN e-learning

The ACEN e-learning and Engineering Capacity Development platform is an idea geared towards bringing to the comfort of engineers and would-be engineers well-tailored engineering content and research materials to keep them abreast of trends in the industry. E-learning is cost-effective as compared to traditional forms of learning and content is delivered at your own time and convenience.

Implementing High Technology Solutions to
Deliver First Class Learning.

ACEN e-learning platform is a physical website that provide round the clock online access to digitized audio, video, and written material. It provides free access to copies of books, journals, etc. available to users.

The idea of E-learning platform for ACEN for 5 basic reasons:

  1. To build a heritage for the next generation
  2. To provide instant access to educational content
  3. To increase Searchability of ACEN
  4. To provide Ease and affordability of engineering content
  5. To offer engineers a heightened amount of choice to learn

Engr. George C. Okoroma, FNSE, JP

President, ACEN.

Our Mission

Unrestricted Access to Top-grade Learning

To provide round the clock online access to free copies of books, journals, digitized audios, videos, and written materials for engineers and would-be engineers.

Mission Statement

To equip Nigerian engineers with the requisite knowledge needed for competitive advantage in the comity of global engineers.

Vision Statement

To raise a new crop of engineers that are at par with their counterparts in other nations of the world in terms of knowledge & application.

ACEN e-Learning

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Our History


A Beginning of new ERA

The Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria, ACEN was founded as a body of registered independent private engineering consultancy firms and voice of the profession in Nigeria.


Everything Gone Digital

The new Millenium was greeted with the birth of information technology and online knowledge sharing


The Launch of ACEN e-Learning

At the Investiture of ACEN 18th President, the idea for an online digital repository of knowledge was introduced by the incoming President

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